Should Boys and Girls Be Raised Differently?

Me and my classmates are reading a book together called The House On Mango Street. I’ve noticed that Esperanza, the main character, has experienced sexism in her town and her household. One of the questions we were asked is if by and girl should be treated differently. I believe that boys and girls should be raised as equals. Girls can do everything that boys can do so it doesn’t make sense to treat them as if they are completely different. It can also make boys or girls feel like they are inferior. I don’t want kids to grow up in a world that they believe that some opportunities aren’t open to them because of their gender. This question got me thinking a lot during some chapters.

However, I do believe that boys and girls see the world differently and that’s okay. There are some rules that should be the same and some different. My mom doesn’t let me out as late as my brother because she thinks that it’s ” too dangerous” for a girl to be out late. Even though her intentions were to keep me safe, it still seemed unfair to me. One example in the book, Esperanza gets harrassed by a man. She said he wouldn’t stop when she wanted him to and took advantage of her. People don’t really treat girls like they are strong and this chapter made me very sad. The man wouldn’t leave her alone despite her saying no. This also reminded me of my mom’s rule.


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