Week 10: Farewell!

Since the Student Blogging Challenge is sadly coming to an end, I am writing this to reflect on my first year on EduBlogs and my first challenge. I had three post before October. 2 of them were school based and one of them were for my own personal interest. I have received 38 comments total. 29 of them are from students outside of my class. I really enjoyed how this challenge brought people from all over the world together. The blog post that I have received the most comments from is my Week 3 Challenge because I feel it was very relatable and everyone could connect to it. The blog post I enjoyed writing the most is the Week Three Challenge because it had to do with nature and I really love nature. A web tools I used was google images. It helped me find a picture of nature that I really liked.

I interviewed my friend, Kimmy, ┬áto ask her what she thought of my blog. She said that she liked my post, but I should’ve customized it more.” What captured my attention is that you used your opinion as much as you could and that made your blog more personal.” In her opinion, what distracted her the most is writing for school instead of doing it for fun. She said this would’ve made my blog stand out more and give me a bigger audience. ” Something you should do to improve your blog is to customize it and write more.”

I really enjoyed this challenge, and wish that I had participated in it more. I’m looking forward to doing another challenge like this.


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