August 17

I felt the hot summer sun on my skin as me and my siblings played kickball in our backyard. They seemed very happy as if nothing was wrong. They didn’t know. I envied their happiness as they kicked the ball back and fourth. Me and My brother were told to keep them busy as my mom and older sisters went to the hospital. I didn’t know what to think. My mouth had a bitter taste in it as i thought about everything that could go wrong. My stomach turned and I ditched the ice cream that I bought. Nothing could make me feel better. Nothing. I saw a black, shiny car that pulled up into the driveway. It was my cousin’s friend. She never visited us so I knew instantly what happened. My heart began to beat faster and I couldn’t think straight.

Normally she would always come over to me and say hi. Not today. I opened my mouth to speak to her and she walked past me, over to my grandmother. I saw them talk, but I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying. I saw my grandmother put her head into her hands. Instantly, I felt the burning sensation of tears in my eyes. My siblings came in from the backyard and understood what was happening. Nobody said a word. Today would forever be stuck in my mind as the worst day ever. I looked out the window and saw my siblings still playing. The envy of them not knowing still rang in my head. I would never forget this day.

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